Discover the new features of the chic c-line

Premiere for the best of its kind: The new chic c-line from Carthago.
It’s time for a new chapter: Let our founder and owner Karl-Heinz Schuler take you on the first journey with our brand new chic c-line.

Over 40 years of Carthago, over 40 years full of passion and pioneering spirit! And for almost 20 years Carthago has distinguished itself with the chic series. In these years, a lot has happened in terms of design and technology. Many ideas, passion and work have gone into this series, so that the motorhome manufacturer has arrived where the company is today: at the fascination of the premium class!
Join us on a journey through the history of chic, accompany us and experience the fascination of the chic series in our chronicle.

Tell your story with Carthago!

We would like to hear your most beautiful and unforgettable travel stories with your Carthago chic of the past years. Share your experiences with other motorhome enthusiasts.

The Carthago Premium DNA

It is both an incentive and an obligation: The Carthago Premium DNA is our value proposition and summarises what distinguishes each of our motorhomes. And at the same time it expresses what distinguishes a Carthago from other motorhomes.

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