For almost 20 years, the chic models have been an integral part of the Carthago range. During this time, it has not only become the favourite of Carthago drivers. It has also repeatedly set standards with innovations and original ideas. Take a journey through time with us through the chic history.

2002 - Premiere of the Carthago chic alcove

2002 sees the launch of the first chic with a total of four models (chic 40, 44, 47 and 51). All models feature a double floor, all-aluminium sandwich body with RTM insulation, aluminium ring anchors and the strikingly round alcove made of one-piece, double-shell GRP moulding with PU insulation. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with rear-wheel drive and original frame serves as the basis.

Quote from the trade press: “With pleasing shapes and solid body technology, the new Chic series rounds off the Carthago range downwards.” “Departure of the upper class manufacturer into more affordable realms.”

2003 - The chic family grows: premiere on Fiat Ducato AL-KO, three-axle and semi-integrated

The chic alcove is additionally produced on Fiat Ducato with AL-KO low-frame and the double floor height increases from 28 cm to 42 cm. New are the semi-integrated chic models and the 3-axle variants. Thus the range grows to eight chic models from the 6.5 m short chic A 40 to the 8.15 m long chic 53.

promobil: “For the first time, Carthago also enters price regions below 60,000 Euros.” “Versatile entry-level series in the luxury class.”

2004 - Premiere for the chic Integrated

Carthago completes the chic range with integrated models. No less than six variants on Fiat Ducato Maxi combined with AL-KO low-frame and large double floor extend the Carthago model range. In the interior, the innovative solution of the room bathroom with changing room function is convincing. A special design feature can be found in all these chic models: the A-pillar is distinctively curved from the radiator grille to the roof.

promobil: “Carthago gradually expanded its range downwards with the rightly named chic series.” “The bathroom door serves as a room divider for a wide washing and dressing area in a second lock.” “A pretty integrated in six variants crowns the chic series.”

2006 - Extensive revision of the chic Integrated

The chic Integrated has been fundamentally revised this year and gets a large bus mirror. The series is now available on three base vehicles: Fiat Ducato AL-KO, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Iveco Daily. The interior impresses with new elements: integrated vertical light bands, Bordeaux-red inlays and new fittings. Technically, the use of GRP on the underside of the double floor is particularly striking.

The fast-growing popularity of the chic c-line becomes clear when it is voted Motorhome of the Year by the trade magazine promobil. It reaches 3rd place in the integrated category up to 100,000 €.

2008 - chic c-line: new look

The completely newly developed chic c-line Integrated conquers the 3.5-tonne market and is now only available on Fiat Ducato AL-KO. The roof is made of GRP and thus offers protection against hail. The external dimensions have been reduced; the chic c-line is 2.87 m high and between 6.74 and 7.29 m long. The double floor now offers 17 cm loading height and the entire motorhome has been weight-optimised. Still popular today is the changing room, which offers special comfort in the four integrated models. In addition, four chic c-line models are available as semi-integrated models in the model range.

promobil Exclusive Premiere 08/2008: “To offer the elegance and comfort of the upper class also in the league up to 3.5 tons – Carthago set itself this high standard when developing the new c-line.”

2009 - chic I highline on Iveco Daily

In total, the chic model range grows to ten different layouts this year. A particularly exclusive model complements the chic range: the integrated “chic I highline” on Iveco Daily 50C/60C. The special feature of the new chic is the raised cab and the outwardly offset cab seats for the best overview and genuine liner feeling. Three new integrated and semi-integrated models are also added. The chic c-line I/T 3.8 at only 6.30 m in length convinces motorhome owners with the perfect combination of compactness and comfort. The other two new models feature the popular spacious bathroom.

The semi-integrated chic also convinces experienced motorhome enthusiasts and is voted 2nd place in the category Semi-integrated over € 50,000 in the Motorhome of the Year poll.

2011 - new dimensions: chic c-line XL

Even more space, even more comfort: with the introduction of the two integrated chic c-line XL, the model range has been extended upwards. Both models are based on the Fiat Ducato AL-KO low-frame double axle and thus offer an incredible amount of travelling comfort.

The triumph of the chic models continues: the semi-integrated models win the vote for Motorhome of the Year in the category Semi-integrated over €50,000, while the integrated chic models take second place in the category Integrated over €70,000.

2013 - chic c-line upgraded

The chic c-line receives an extensive upgrade this year. From the outside, the new LED tail lights and concealed hinges stand out. In the interior, the optimised double floor storage space offers even more space and is at the same time easier to access. The biggest innovations are found in the interior: there is now a choice of two style worlds, and the practical apothecary cupboard in the kitchen becomes standard. All the lighting in the motorhome is LED technology. In addition to the room bathrooms, the combination bathrooms now also have a changing room and thus offer a privacy-protected area in a few easy steps. Sleeping comfort is also raised to a new level: a point-elastic slat base in combination with a 7-zone quality cold foam mattress becomes standard, as do additional adjustable headboards on the single beds. The lightning protection is also further improved thanks to additional conductors in the chassis and sets standards in the industry.

Test promobil: “An evolution: Carthago has not reinvented the chic c-line, but simply made it better – in details and also substantially.”

2014 - Generation II chic c-line Integrated

Only one year later, Carthago once again puts the chic c-line in the focus of development: the new generation II is recognisable from afar by the innovative, sporty v-face front design, large air intakes, vertical chrome inserts and the higher windscreen. But the interior values have also been further improved: the fresh water tank has grown to an impressive 170 l, two on-board batteries ensure self-sufficiency as standard and the living area door has been widened. A harmonious ambience is created by the design bench seat in combination with a chic display cabinet and accentuating LED light strip under the fold-down bed. There are a total of seven integrated models.

Once again, the semi-integrated chic c-line came out on top in the vote for Motorhome of the Year and won the category Semi-integrated over €50,000.

2015 - even greater travel comfort

Whether new entrance area with elegant combination wardrobe, new overhead storage cupboards or the new bar cupboard in the kitchen – the revision of the chic c-line focuses on even more harmony and elegance in the interior. At the same time, the lying dimensions of the single beds grow to at least 80 cm wide and, together with a length of at least 198 cm, once again set standards.

The novelty is particularly practical and practical in room bath models: They come with a door with a doubled door leaf, so the passage from the bathroom to the bedroom can be separated and the washroom and toilet room can be closed at the same time.

The chic c-line celebrates its next successes in the vote for Motorhome of the Year: the semi-integrated models achieve 2nd place in the category Semi-integrated over € 50,000. The integrated models land on the winner’s podium in the Integrated over € 70,000 category.

2016 - Exclusive model superior, new double floor

The chic c-line superior in upmarket yacht style completes the model range. It offers – in addition to the well-known chic c-line advantages – further refinements and attributes and is still considered the most exclusive variant.

All chic c-line models benefit from the newly designed double floor: The 63 cm high “easy entry” exterior storage compartments under the seating group now have a large storage flap on both sides and are connected to each other for through-loading. The front of the chic c-line Integrated has been slightly redesigned again and now looks even more filigree and elegant with additional vertical bars. The partially integrated models also have an independent front mask in v-face design and the new double floor storage space. In the interior, the optimisation of the headroom under the lift bed to 1.85 m in living mode is particularly striking.

This year’s success in the vote for Motorhome of the Year continues: the integrateds emerge as the winner in the category Integrated over €80,000. The semi-integrated motorhomes came in second in the Integrated over €60,000 category.

Reisemobil International 11/2016, practical test: “The new Carthago chic c-line T 4.9 looks good. But more than that, the new semi-integrated is also really good and lives up to its claim of being a top class semi-integrated. […] The already sophisticated double floor was obviously not sophisticated enough for the manufacturer, as if it could not be made even better, even more practical.”

2017 - Long versions; many detail revisions

The two long versions of the most popular models complement the range: at 30 cm more length each, the chic c-line I 4.9 L and I 5.0 L versions offer floor-to-ceiling wardrobes, a comfortable changing room and a solid wooden door to the bedroom. The new “Sky Dream Comfort” option for integrated models provides an impressive, light-flooded spatial experience: the lift bed is omitted in favour of surrounding roof storage boxes in the cab area, a suspended designer headlining with ambient lighting and two panoramic roof windows.

Once again, both the integrated and semi-integrated chic c-line models are in first place in their categories (Integrated over €80,000, Semi-integrated over €60,000).

Reisemobil International 08/2017, practical test chic c-line I 4.9 LE L superior: “The chic c-line 4.9 L has won due to the additional cupboards and the detail work that Carthago puts into its successful series. Storage space without end, many practical details that make life in the motorhome easier and absolute winter suitability thanks to the elaborately designed double floor keep the chic c-line at the level for which it stands in the Carthago portfolio: travelling at the highest level.” 

2018 - Even more character: the new generation chic c-line

The new generation of the Carthago classic lives up to its name: The new GRP rear in bus look is elegant and saves space at the same time. The C-shaped rear lights and the new side wall decor harmonise perfectly. The interior of the new generation is full of innovations from front to back and takes advantage of the space gained by the new rear. There is the dynamic cockpit with fine leather applications and the new optional “linea moderna” style world. Or the patent-pending pull-out TV wall with individual room divider function in front of the bedroom. Or the XL models, whose XL bathrooms with separate toilet room, open wash area and spacious round shower as well as the solid wooden sliding doors as room dividers to the bedroom and living room are reminiscent of luxury hotels.

A completely new floor plan is the chic c-line I 5.3 QB SL with a face-to-face seating group consisting of two opposite longitudinal benches. Its plus: ample freedom of movement and an unsurpassed feeling of space in the living area.

This brings the selection to eleven integrated motorhomes from 6.85 m to the double-axle with 8.66 m length as well as four superior variants and three semi-integrated models, which once again win the vote for Motorhome of the Year.

Reisemobil International 05/2019, market overview: chic c-line I 5.3 QB SL: “Well done: The large and comfortable counter seating group as well as the well-designed kitchen ensure a high level of living comfort.” “King-size bed: The berth stands freely in the room. Underneath, there is space for a large garage that can be loaded on both sides. The modern design is pleasing.”

2019 - The sprinter returns

Even more choice! The popular series surprises with a very special innovation in 2019: the most popular four models are now optionally available on Mercedes-Benz AL-KO low-frame. You can choose between the two engine versions Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 414 CDI AL-KO low-frame with 143 hp (105 kW) or 177 hp (130 kW). All chic c-line I models are equipped with a new daytime running light with LED light guide technology in the individual Carthago design as well as running light indicators with wiper effect at the rear. The chic c-line superior, which now has exclusive full-LED headlights, is particularly elegant. New optional lithium-ion on-board batteries additionally reduce the weight by more than 10 kg.

Once again, the semi-integrated and integrated chic c-line models are on the winner’s podium at the Motorhome of the Year awards.

AutoBild Reisemobil 04/2019, road test: chic c-line I 4.9 LE: “It’s not that easy to make good things better. But the fine-tuning of details has paid off, as our drive in the Carthago chic c-line I 4.9 LE heavy shows […].”

Reisemobil International 02/2019, Profit test: chic c-line I 4.9 LE L Superior: “At the end of all the tests, one thing is certain: Carthago has succeeded with the large integrated. The construction of the superstructure speaks for it just as much as the ambitious workmanship and the homely furnishings. Even if the idea of the double bathroom door did not convince me, it shows that Carthago always thinks things through and pursues new ideas. And then there is the Faraday cage – wow! A great motorhome.”

2020 - Driving safety further increased

The complete series is equipped with the Carthago Full-LED front lights as standard and thus not only shines in terms of design, but also in terms of safety. Because at the beginning of the year, the Full-LED front lights were awarded the European Innovation Award in the category “Safety”.

Conclusion: “The chic c-line is a Carthago classic. That is why it is not getting on in years. Best body quality, solid interior, in addition a new, elegant front section with the standard full LED front headlights and the chic, double-shell GRP rear with the LED running indicators and the separate bumper, all this adds up to a desirable unit. The Sprinter as a base is a perfect match.”