„Inspired by state-of-the-art technology, coupled with an insatiable desire for the highest perfection and best possible quality – that is the new Carthago chic c-line.”

Karl-Heinz Schuler 

Experience the new chic c-line new generation 2022. Here you can find out all the news about the new chic c-line. Let yourself be fascinated and enjoy the best chic c-line ever.

chic c-line new generation 2022: New style world, new furniture architecture - new chic c-line!

This year you are spoilt for choice! The chic c-line offers the largest selection of style worlds in the premium class, meets every taste with four style worlds and presents itself in new splendour in the new model year! A new furniture architecture promises elegant geometries as well as luxurious design, timeless elegance and leads to completely new travel experiences.

The series comes with the timeless style linea moderna as standard. The floors of the overhead storage cupboards and the lower part of the overhead storage fronts are in an elegant and cosy gold acacia furniture finish. The same applies to the kitchen wall towards the bathroom and the bottom drawers. The upper part of the overhead storage cupboards as well as the two upper drawers contrast wonderfully in light shimmering high-gloss ivory. The fridge panel in anthracite provides an elegant contrast.

If you prefer a more classic look, opt for the linea classica style world. The somewhat more subdued surfaces in wild pear provide a subtle contrast to the upper kitchen drawers and the kitchen counter, which are in high-gloss ivory décor. The overhead storage cupboards contrast with the upper half in wild pear décor and the lower section in high-gloss ivory décor.

The new style world linea progressiva makes a clear design statement. It immediately catches the eye with its light, elegant and linear design. The shelves of the overhead storage cupboards are in matt ivory and the surfaces of the overhead storage flaps are in light gloss ivory, the upper segment is tastefully set off in the warm wood decor gold acacia. High-gloss ivory is used for the upper part of the kitchen front, for the kitchen wall facing the bathroom and for the refrigerator panel. You will definitely make the right choice with this style world!

The most exclusive version is available with the style world linea siena for the superior models: furniture décor in strong summer chestnut with overhead cupboard fronts in bicolour look with high-gloss ivory create a yacht feeling.

The new style worlds are complemented by a modern interpretation of the “exklusiveline” furniture architecture. Are you curious? We will reveal details of the new architecture here from 5 August 2021.

You can now look forward to first glimpses of the style worlds of the new chic c-line new generation 2022.